The Best Brunch for Every Star Sign

From Co-Star to Madame Clairevoyant, astrology is all the rage these days. And you know what else is all the rage (in case you couldn’t tell from our constant posts on the subject)? That’s right: brunch.

You can hardly open Instagram or TikTok without being bombarded with one topic or the other. Not that we’re complaining! We only want to be part of the zeitgeist – or the bite-geist, as we call it. Which is why we’ve decided to combine these trends into the ultimate (and scarily accurate) guide you see before you: The Best Brunch Dish for Every Star Sign.

Through in-depth research and surveying our team, we’ve narrowed down the ideal brunch dish for every single star sign, from Cap to Sag. Check out yours below and give it a shot next time it’s your turn to order!

Capricorn – Veggie Omelette

A veggie omelette with tomatoes, green peppers and seeds.

Meticulous Capricorn loves control, and brunch is no exception. That’s why their perfect brunch dish is the health nut’s order: an egg-white omelette packed with veggies. It’s just what they need to fuel their morning run, or for a day of high-powered organisation – whether that’s at work or attacking a messy pantry.

Speaking of Capricorn’s pantry, they’re not totally opposed to a last-minute addition… as long as it’s their own decision. Those on the cusp are especially susceptible to a little something extra, like sliced avocado (for an Aquarius cusp) or sizzling bacon (Sagittarius cusp).

Aquarius – Breakfast Sandwich

A breakfast sandwich with sausage, melted cheese and bacon, with a pot of coffee in the background.

Aquarians tend to be innovative and constantly on-the-go. If we had to guess, it was probably an Aquarius who first invented the breakfast sandwich! Regardless of its origins, though, a breakfast sandwich is the ideal brunch dish for the perpetual motion machine that is Aquarius.

Ingredients are almost irrelevant here, but something tangy (say, a sprinkling of rocket or a hunk of goat cheese) is never unwelcome on Aquarius’s palate. When making breakfast for your Aquarius, remember to keep it fresh and flavourful with local ingredients – or better yet, take them out to the hottest new brunch spot in your area!

Pisces – Cinnamon Roll

A fresh cinnamon roll with cinnamon and icing on a white plate.

Sweet Pisces. You and your loving, generous heart really are too good for this world, too pure. What better star sign brunch option for you than a beautifully baked, sugar-dusted cinnamon roll with plenty of icing?

Not only is this pastry as sweet as you are, Pisces, but it’s a well-deserved treat for all you do. Others might say you’re too sensitive, but we know how much you genuinely care for others – so for once, extend some of that kindness to yourself and indulge in a cinnamon roll (or two) next time you’re at brunch!

Aries – Huevos Rancheros

A plate of huevos rancheros with fried eggs, salsa, chorizo and refried beans.

The Aries stereotype (Arieotype?) is that they’re hot-headed, but we know better. What might seem like a quick temper is actually deep passion – and frustration when they’re thwarted by inconsequential things. That’s why for Aries, we’ve chosen a robust, no-nonsense (and yes, potentially ~spicy~) brunch dish: huevos rancheros with their selection of salsa.

This Mexican concoction of fried eggs and tortillas is just the thing to appease Aries when they’re having a tough time. And if you’re spending the day with an Aries, be sure to feed them breakfast first thing! Otherwise you could become a scapegoat for their, ahem, passions about the bus running late or the barista getting their coffee order wrong.

Taurus – English Breakfast

An English breakfast of beans, egg, toast, sausage, bacon, fried mushrooms and tomatoes.

Traditional Taurus loves a full English: eggs, beans, sausage, bacon, toast and a bit of fried mushroom or tomato on the side. What might seem like an excessive amount of food is, to Taurus, a mere trifle.

Of course, that doesn’t mean they won’t struggle to finish it… but they’ll insist it’s fine, they didn’t order too much, and keep eating till they’re stuffed to the gills. Such stubbornness is another classic marker of their sign. Taurus, if you’re reading this, just know you don’t have to finish everything all the time – and that goes for life as well as brunch foods!

Gemini – Chicken & Waffles

A plate of chicken and waffles with syrup and powdered sugar.

Some would say Gemini is two-faced; we prefer contains multitudes. Which is also true of this brunch dish, the delightfully sweet-and-savoury chicken and waffles! Whereas most star signs would choose one or the other, versatile Gemini loves them both – ideally paired with a drink of similar duality, like a strawberry margarita or an espresso martini.

Needless to say, when brunching with Gemini, you’ll want to bring all your most interesting news – which, again, we prefer to gossip – as well as your highest alcohol tolerance. Wherever you go, you’re sure to have fun with high-spirited (pun fully intended) Gemini!

Cancer – Eggs Benedict

A plate of Eggs Benedict with two English muffins topped with sausage, egg and hollandaise.

Cancer, you put on a facade of being cool and collected, but listen: it’s okay to admit you’re not always on top of it. You wear yourself out taking care of people, which is why it’s crucial to also take care of yourself… in the form of brunch!

Eggs Benedict is just the dish to satisfy your stomach and replenish your soul. Like you, there are layers to this one: a solid foundation of English muffin topped with poached egg, Canadian bacon and hollandaise. Yet make just a tiny incision and alll that yolk comes pouring out.

We know you love a cathartic cry, but Cancer, don’t let it get to that point! Instead, check in with yourself over brunch; you’ll be amazed what a little eggs-benny mental health moment can do for you.

Leo – Artisanal French Toast

A plate of French toast with berry compote, edible flowers, powdered sugar and golden cutlery.

Modish Leo wouldn’t be caught dead at a bottomless brunch, but that doesn’t mean they’re opposed to brunch as a concept. In fact, quite the opposite – they love brunch, they just prefer it in a form that doesn’t end in spilled Prosecco and sloppy tears.

So while it’s the setting that’s vital, Leo’s perfect brunch dish would be something tasty yet #aesthetic (just like them, they’d say). If you’re a Leo or have one in your life, your next brunch boondoggle should include fancy French toast with fruit and edible flowers. And don’t forget to take photos! (Leos may dislike a public spectacle, but they love a bit of online flattery.)

Virgo – Granola & Yoghurt

A small bowl of granola and yoghurt with fresh blueberries and more granola on the side.

Virgo, you’re eminently practical and something of a perfectionist, meaning this brunch choice is a no-brainer: a sensible portion of granola and yoghurt.

That said, nothing is ever a no-brainer for you, Virgo – you love to weigh up all the options before committing, even with something as lighthearted as brunch. In the spirit of Virgosity, let’s interrogate a bit. Yes, as an earth sign, you’re always going to be pragmatic, but that doesn’t mean you can’t indulge every now and again!

So next time you’re at brunch, add something special to your order – say, a bit of Nutella to sweeten your bowl, or even (gasp) a mimosa or two to take the edge off. We know you like getting permission – now take it and run!

Libra – The Daily Special

A plate of avocado toast with hardboiled eggs on top.

Amiable Libra is open to suggestions, but that doesn’t mean they’re a pushover. Their optimal brunch dish is changeable; it depends on the day. Eggs and bacon will usually do it for them, but Libra can also be nudged in the direction of pancakes or multiple courses.

For Libras who often feel paralysed by indecision, why not ask for the daily special wherever you are? You’re bound to get something delicious and interesting, which you’ll love! If all else fails, have a friend order for you – you have great taste in besties as well as brunch, so lean into that trust and go for it.

Scorpio – Shakshuka

A big pan of rich red shakshuka with eggs and spices.

Shakshuka is one of those brunch dishes that people either love or hate. Without mincing words, Scorpios occupy a similar position in astrological culture – but Scorpio, we love your fiery intensity and unforgettable presence in a room. You deserve a star sign brunch that’s equally singular!

That’s why this hearty, flavourful dish of poached eggs, harissa and spices is just the thing for you to order. You’d never feel satisfied with boring old scrambled eggs or, God forbid, a pastry. Make the most of it (you always do!) with a Bloody Mary or a tall glass of sangria to wash it all down.

Sagittarius – All-You-Can-Eat Buffet

A breakfast buffet with bagels, muffins, pastries, fruit and coffee.

Sagittarius believes life is for living and food for eating. Nowhere is this more evident than at brunch – and while Sag is always game for a plated experience, it’s at the all-you-can-eat brunch buffet where they truly come into their own.

Seriously, if you’ve never seen a Sag at a buffet, it’s practically the eighth wonder of the world. They pile their plate high with muffins, eggs, bacon, fruit, you name it; then you blink and they’re heading back for more

That’s not to say Sagittarius isn’t discerning, only that they can’t resist trying a bit of everything. Sag, your endless curiosity and energy are wonderful things, and we’d never want to quash them! Our only word of warning is to take it easy at bottomless brunch (you never can tell how strong those margaritas really are).

And there you have it: the very best brunch orders for every star sign. We hope you’ve enjoyed these astrological musings – and if we’ve left you feeling hungry, why not check out our London brunch directory? Book a table this weekend to try your Zodiac dish and see if it really does fit your personality!