Best Pancakes in London

Pancakes are one of the most iconic brunch foods around, and for good reason: they’re delicious, indulgent and versatile. From sweet fluffy pancakes with syrup and fruit to savoury pancakes with toppings like eggs and bacon, pancakes truly have something for everyone… and eating pancakes in London is one of life’s purest delights.

In the city, classic diners and adorable breakfast spots alike offer pancake dishes that are simply irresistible. We’ve put together 10 of our favourite pancake places in London that will get you hyped for hotcakes and stoked for stacks – complete with standout dishes from each spot! 

1. The Breakfast Club, Canary Wharf

The Breakfast Club will already be familiar to anyone who craves breakfast and comfort food at all hours of the day… and now, to those on the hunt for amazing pancakes. If you’re after something traditional, we’d recommend the blueberry pancakes served with gratuitous amounts of butter and maple syrup. Then again, sometimes you just can’t beat a bit of savoury, which is why we’ve chosen a slightly different dish as our pancake highlight.

­čą×Pancake Highlight: The Big Stack, a triple stack of pancakes with bacon, sausage, homestyle potatoes, fried eggs and maple syrup.

2. Where the Pancakes Are, Southwark

With a full menu of sweet and savoury pancakes, Where the Pancakes Are is where you’ll want to be next time you’re craving carbs. Indeed, this pancake specialty spot has some of the most creative combinations you’ll see anywhere! We’d recommend coming on an empty stomach and springing for two pancakes, or going with friends to share forkfuls of some of the best stacks in London.

­čą×Pancake Highlight: “Royal” pancakes with poached eggs, hollandaise, tarragon and asparagus with your choice of smoked salmon, streaky bacon or smashed avocado.

3. Stack & Still, Leicester Square

Stack & Still specialises in savoury pancakes that might remind you of a late-night kebab shop. The falafel stack, the piri piri stack, and yes, the doner kebab stack are just three items on its inventive menu – but don’t miss the sweet stacks either, particularly the tasty pancakes with fruit and biscuits! Conveniently for travelling pancake-lovers, you’ll find Stack & Still all over the UK in addition to London.

­čą×Pancake Highlight: Biscoff s’mores stack with marshmallow and chocolate syrup.

4. Granger & Co., Chelsea

Granger & Co. offer a fun Aussie twist on your usual pancakes. These hotcakes take are just a bit fluffier than American pancakes (you know, the same way Australians are… fluffier than Americans?). If you’re after a soft, smooth pancake with a cloud-like fluffy texture, you can’t go wrong with pancakes from Granger & Co.

­čą×Pancake Highlight: Ricotta hotcakes topped with honeycomb butter and banana.

5. Riding House Cafe, Fitzrovia

A single glance at a Riding House Cafe plate tells you instantly: these pancakes are in a league of their own. Thanks to a secret ingredient (malted milk), the stacks here are supremely rich and fluffy, accented with only the highest quality ingredients. From their clotted cream to their maple syrup, you won’t find one misstep on Riding House’s menu. Just be careful not to overeat!

­čą×Pancake Highlight: Malted deep dish pancakes with berry compote, clotted cream and maple syrup.

6. My Old Dutch, Holborn

my old dutch pancakes with bacon

Credit: My Old Dutch

We’ll take a quick, appreciative interlude for a regional specialty, the Dutch pancake – which can be found in various London brunch spots, but none more authentic than My Old Dutch. Whether you opt for their signature butterscotch pancakes or one of their many exceptional savoury choices, you’ll leave My Old Dutch with a newfound love for lighter, crispier pancakes (and perhaps a desire to visit Holland).

­čą×Pancake Highlight: My Old Dutch crispy pancake with smoked bacon, chicken, ham, peppers, mushrooms, sweetcorn and cheese.

7. Sunday in Brooklyn, Notting Hill

Sunday in Brooklyn is best known for its highly Instagrammable brown-butter pancakes, which have gained city-wide attention even from the faraway lands of Notting Hill. They’re even available in triple stacks for those who want to experience the full drip-down effect of this hero dish! Trust us, there’s no more indulgent plate to shared with friends, family or a loved one.

­čą×Pancake Highlight: Brown butter pancakes with hazelnut maple praline syrup.

8. DoBar, Finsbury Park

do bar finsbury park pancakes

Credit: DoBar

Though not exclusively known as a pancake joint, DoBar in Finsbury Park does take this brunch food to new heights. The DoBar menu includes seven stellar options for sweet and savoury pancakes, with toppings like hash browns, avocado and dragon fruit to help you hit all the important food groups. (Of course, in a perfect world, pancakes would be their own food group – but we digress.)

­čą×Pancake Highlight: Pancake “tacos” filled with seasonal fruits and clotted cream, topped with Biscoff crumbs and Biscoff sauce.

9. The Little Blue Door, Fulham

This quirky bar transforms into a brunch haven at the weekend. The Little Blue Door is known for serving up one of London’s largest pancake stacks, at a whopping 25 pancakes tall! You’ll definitely want to bring a few friends to help you finished off this formidable (if delicious) challenge – and don’t miss their amazing bottomless pancake brunch with Prosecco.

­čą×Pancake Highlight: Fried chicken pancakes with bacon and chilli maple butter honey.

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