The 10 Best Vegan Brunches in London

Are you a committed vegan, or just fancy a brunch that’s a bit different to the usual fare? Maybe you’re trying out plant-based foods by doing Veganuary? Whatever the time of year, dipping your toe into this increasingly on-trend type of eating is worth a go – you’ll likely love the fantastic dishes that vegan brunch in London has to offer!

Certainly, the vegan restaurant scene in London has never looked better. Even if you’re a meat eater, it’s bound to impress you. Creative ingredients and meat alternatives mean that vegan brunch can be just as decadent as its counterparts. Needless to say, you’ll be amazed at the complex mix of flavoursome deliciousness that is served up at these 10 best vegan brunches in London.

1. WAVE, Hackney

A close-up of avocado toast with nuts, seeds, cherry tomatoes and purple leaves.

Credit: WAVE

WAVE is well worth visiting for a vegan brunch. It serves up tempting options all day, which means that you can enjoy a decent lie-in before you head out for your feast. There’s also lots to choose from, including savoury treats and sweet options if you’re looking for a bit of a sugar rush. If you’ve gone gluten-free, you don’t have to miss out as there are lots of tasty gluten-free options that have been created for your dining pleasure. Check out the coconut bacon for a brunch that packs a comforting punch!

2. Plants by Deliciously Ella, Mayfair

When you get your brunch from vegan influencer and food writer Ella Woodward, you’re guaranteed it’s going to be pretty tasty. This early-bird brunch is available until 11.30am, and you can tuck into amazing specialities like creamy truffle mushrooms on sourdough or creamy almond butter oat porridge with fruit compote. For indulgent eating that will leave you feeling truly sated, you can’t do better than Plants by Deliciously Ella.

3. Farmacy, Notting Hill

A bowl of granola, berries, bananas and edible flowers on a textured blue tablecloth.

Credit: Farmacy

If you want a standout vegan brunch, you can’t go wrong with a visit to Farmacy on the weekend. Rather than hauling yourself out of bed at some ungodly hour, you can saunter in whenever it suits you, as they serve up their gorgeous offerings throughout the day from 11am until 4pm. You can congratulate yourself on being healthy and ethical by treating yourself to food that’s in season and sourced from local, organic and biodynamic farming.  Enjoy the deliciousness and polish your halo at the same time; what’s not to like?

4. Love Shack, Hackney

Small plates of vegetables, hummus and fried vegan dishes at Love Shack.

Credit: Love Shack

Go for funky brunch vibes at the seventies-inspired Love Shack. It’s got a relaxed, kooky feel and is totally vegan, which means they’re very inventive when it comes to serving up tasty nosh. You can treat yourself to a cocktail or two from the bespoke cocktail bar, or go virtuous with the deliciously moreish smoothie bar. You can even wash down all that yummy food with mushroom-based drinks for a healthful and relaxed experience! Don’t want to leave your dog at home alone? You don’t have to, as they’ll be a welcome guest here.

5. Café Van Gogh, Brixton

Café Van Gogh is the perfect spot for vegan brunch, serving up a wide range of tasty treats from 10am until 3.30pm. It’s got a nice chilled atmosphere, ideal for starting the weekend off right. You can go for the millennial favourite of smashed avocado on sourdough with some special touches that really go the extra mile (it’s also perfect for those seeking halal brunch!). Alternatively, spring for the all-vegan version of the full English if you really want to indulge.

6. Unity Diner, Whitechapel

Waffles covered in vegan chocolate syrup, berries, bananas and edible flowers.

Credit: Unity Diner

Going vegan doesn’t have to be flawlessly healthy, and they show this to great advantage at Unity Diner! There are loads of mouth-watering small and big plates that give you a real sense of eating for pleasure. This non-profit restaurant also operates on a sustainable basis, so you can congratulate yourself on being an ethical champion of great food when you get the gang together for brunch here. Bring your dog and let him enjoy some free vegan dog treats – from human to canine, everyone is an important customer here.

7. The Gate, Marylebone

A bowl of rich green curry with tofu, bean sprouts and peppers.

Credit: The Gate

The Gate is a fabulous choice for both vegetarians and vegans, and serves up a wide range of tempting brunch treats at weekends between 10am and 4pm. The dishes are inventive and bursting with flavour, boasting influences from Arabic, Indian and Jewish cuisines. There are also lots of healthy options, meaning that sticking to your diet has never been more exciting! They work hard here to ensure that as much of their produce is sustainable and local as possible, so you can give yourself a pat on the back for supporting an ethical eatery.

8. Kin Café, Fitzrovia

Plates of vegan quiche with salad on the side.

Credit: Kin Cafe

Stroll down to Kin Café for weekend brunch between 9.30am and 4.30pm. There are lots of amazing vegan dishes to enjoy, and the food all comes from sustainable suppliers too. It tastes like something sinful, but it’s healthy stuff, so you won’t have wasted those hours in the gym. This lovely little spot also has charitable partnerships with the Mayni People and the Born Free Foundation – so by eating here, you’ll be doing some good too.

9. Wulf and Lamb, Chelsea

Vegan macaroni cheese, grilled broccolini and potato wedges on a table.

Credit: Wulf & Lamb

Wulf and Lamb has a relaxed modern vibe that also happens to be entirely vegan. It’s the perfect spot to visit if you’re new to this kind of eating, or if you’ve been vegan for a while and sometimes hanker for old favourites – they specialise in vegan alternatives to classic brunch choices and they do it very well. If you’re staying away from gluten, you’re covered here, with Indian plates like green coconut curry and Mexican chili ‘non’ carne that help you to stay on track.

10. Ruby’s of London, Greenwich

This vegan bakery in the heart of maritime Greenwich is ideal if you want a quick spot of brunch or a tasty treat to take to Greenwich Park. Ruby’s store is small and fairly minimalist, but the sandwiches, cakes, cookies and cupcakes are anything but! Packed to the brim with sweet and savoury flavours, you’ll swear they’re chock full of eggs and butter, but they’re actually 100% vegan. You can get gluten-free treats at Ruby’s too, and if you fancy a whole vegan buffet, make sure to stop by on the weekend – Greenwich Market is directly adjacent to Ruby’s and offers a number of vegan food stalls as well.

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