Best Vegetarian Brunch in London

Finding a great vegetarian brunch can be tricky. While a lot of places offer vegetarian options, these can be limited or uninspiring. Well, enough mediocre meals! We’re listing some of our top restaurants for vegetarian brunches in London, including plenty of options to suit different palates and examples of different cuisines.

1. Gallery Café

The Gallery Café focuses on making sure that everyone feels welcome with their wide range of affordable vegan dishes. Everything they serve is vegan, from the pancakes to the full English, and even their range of sweet treats for after. Brunch is served until midday on weekdays and 1 pm on weekends. Be sure to try the scrambled tofu for a great plant-based breakfast. Almost everything can be made gluten-free as well, making this a great place to meet up for brunch even if you and your friends need multiple different menu types.

2. Holy Carrot

Holy Carrot is all about innovation in plant-based food. Their dishes are inspired by recipes from all over the world, with a focus on food that tastes good while being extra healthy. They even cut down refined sugar, gluten, preservatives and additives to ensure that everything on their menu is good for the body and soul. Sunday brunch is on offer from 11 am to 5 pm and includes a great range of dishes such as pancakes, sushi, salads, and more. They also offer some delicious brunch cocktails or smoothies for the health-conscious. Be sure to try their miso caramel cake.

3. Miranda Café

Say yes to healthy at Miranda Café, a vegan and vegetarian cafe where you can get a delicious brunch served all day. You can get all kinds of delicious brunches inspired by English, Latin, Japanese and Caribbean dishes. They also offer delicious sharing plates and sides in case you want something extra. Most of the food is vegan, but there are options for eggs, halloumi, and other delicious vegetarian foods. They also offer specials on weekday brunch where you can get a dish and a drink.

4. Stem & Glory

Stem & Glory is a great vegan restaurant that offers a wide range of different options for your brunch, with new and innovative vegan dishes. They offer everything from pizza to salads, as well as burgers, pancakes, tacos, and more. There are also some delicious desserts including plant-based cheesecake or a nice comforting crumble. You can even try vegan scallops for some real decadence. Stem & Glory even make sure their food is healthy for the planet as well as their customers by showing the carbon intensity of the meals they offer.

5. The Table Café

The Table Café is a light and breezy place that offers an award-winning brunch menu that has something for everyone. While it’s not a vegetarian-only cafe, you’ll be pleasantly surprised by the vegetarian and vegan options they offer. Their entire focus is brunch, which is served until 4 pm every day. Their menu covers everything from full English breakfasts to pancakes, waffles, burgers, and more. Almost every dish has a vegetarian option, so you’ll have just as much choice as anyone here.

6. 123V

123 Vegan is an exciting plant-based restaurant on Bond Street which offers a bright and cheerful menu that matches its lively decor and upbeat atmosphere. Their brunch options include noodle bowls, burgers, salads and quesadillas, but one of the biggest draws is their plant-based sushi bar. You can have plant-based tuna, salmon, prawns and crab, as well as avocado and other vegan fillings. This is a great place if you want to indulge in vegetarian sushi without compromising on variety. Plus they have a great drink range including kombucha to help you start your day right.

7. Ottolenghi Spitalfields

Ottolenghi is a bustling and modern restaurant hidden down a charming Georgian street in Spitalfields. This chic location offers a range of dishes inspired by Mediterranean flavours. They also have plenty of options for vegetarians and vegans, including hearty egg dishes, scrambled tofu, porridge, and salads. You can also get mimosas or non-alcoholic beetroot or elderflower cocktails to go with your brunch dishes, as well as fresh coffee and a good range of tea options.

8. Black Cat Cafe

Black Cat Cafe offers homemade vegan comfort food in its cosy cafe interior to make sure you start your day off right. Their inspiration comes from food across the whole world, and their cooks will often innovate dishes day-to-day. The menu changes weekly so you never know what you’re going to get, but you know it’ll always be hearty and fully vegetarian. Be sure to visit more than once so you can try their new dishes and enjoy their super fresh coffee.

9. Oliveira Kitchen

Oliveira Kitchen aims to show the world the great things that can be achieved with vegetarian cooking. Everything they offer is organic and their dishes are modelled after fine dining, so settle into the plush chairs in the wood-panelled and plant-covered restaurant and enjoy a memorable brunch. Their dishes include vegetarian pate and even vegan caviar, as well as mushroom steaks, pasta, and more. Plus almost every dish can be made vegan and they have lots of gluten-free options for you to choose from. They even have a plant-based cheese board on offer.

10. The Fields Beneath

The Fields Beneath is a vibrant cafe in Kentish Town West. From this quaint bare-brick cafe, you can enjoy a wide range of plant-based food options. All their dishes use seasonal local produce, so their menu changes a lot, but you can be sure you’ll find a wide range of homemade cakes, pastries, and heartily-filled sandwiches. You can even get a glass of all-natural wine to go with your brunch. Be sure to try their scrambled tofu which is a great way to start the day.

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