Best Waffles in London for Waffle Day 2023

There’s just something special about a waffle. Paired with sweet or savoury toppings, elegantly plated or piping-hot and wrapped in parchment paper, the perfect waffle can make your whole day – especially if the day in question is Waffle Day, March 25th!

For this year’s Waffle Day, we’ve compiled a list of the best waffles in London and where to find them. Let’s dive right into the jammy, Nutella-y goodness – or the chicken-and-waffley goodness, if that’s more your vibe – with the 10 best waffle spots in London for Waffle Day 2023.

1. Feya, Knightsbridge

A fluffy waffle topped with strawberries, rose cream, vanilla ice cream, chocolate syrup and edible flowers.

Situated in an elegant, contemporary cafe with blush velvet seating and decorative greeneries hanging from the ceiling, Feya is a well-loved, stylish brunch spot. Each dish is thoughtfully covered with edible flowers to match their floral decor and picturesque cherry blossom tree. Served among these fantastic interiors, their signature waffles make for heaven on a plate!

🧇Waffle Highlight: Wisteria waffle with mixed berries, vanilla ice cream and your choice of pistachio, white chocolate or Nutella topping, plus edible flowers.

2. Kula, Marylebone

The Naughty Kinder Bueno waffle with Nutella, Kinder Bueno, strawberries, ice cream and whipped cream.

Kula is a delightful family-owned cafe based in Marylebone, famous for their amazing Belgian and Swedish waffles topped with fruit, syrup, ice cream and more. These waffles not only taste phenomenal, but are guaranteed to brighten up your Instagram grid – and did we mention they can even be made eggless and gluten-free?

🧇Waffle Highlight: Naughty Kinder Bueno, a Swedish waffle with Nutella and milk chocolate mousse, fresh strawberries, Kinder Bueno, Ferrero Rocher and plenty of whipped cream.

3. Utter Waffle, Dulwich

A savoury waffle topped with fried chicken, tomatoes, pickles and sour cream.

What began as a “posh waffles” food truck called Reggie has now expanded into a full-on restaurant in Dulwich! Utter Waffle is southeast London’s waffle spot of choice, with sweet and savoury options – their savoury waffles are stuffed while cooking, an innovative in-house technique – and even a store with merch and condiments! And for those who prefer a food truck experience, never fear: you can still hire Reggie to cater any kind of outdoor event.

🧇Waffle Highlight: The Club Waffle, a mozzarella-and-thyme-stuffed waffle topped with smoked bacon, fried chicken, garlic aioli, Bloody Mary relish and baby gem lettuce.

4. Dyce, Marylebone

A waffle cone filled with ice cream and raspberries, topped with a pink macaron.

Switching gears from savoury to sweet, Dyce is another fabulous spot for waffles in London. This dessert shop offers a bounty of delicious treats and darling aesthetics – the latter thanks to its bubbly pink-and-blue interiors. Still, the menu is the real star of the show! It features creative and tasty “Doffles” (Dyce Waffles, naturally) topped with a variety of fruity toppings, plus an ice cream scoop of your choice.

🧇Waffle Highlight: Nutella and banana waffle with banana flowers, Nutella and caramelised popcorn on top.

5. Bubblewrap, Soho

An airy "bubble" waffle topped with powdered sugar, cookie crumbs and chocolate syrup.

This London waffle spot is what it says on the tin: delightfully airy “bubble” waffles wrapped up in a convenient package! You’ll find the original Bubblewrap in Chinatown (just on the edge of Soho), where you can fill a literal waffle cone with everything from vanilla to hazelnut to strawberry cheesecake gelato. Whether you’re after a classic sweet waffle or something a little more unusual, you’re sure to find it at Bubblewrap – which also has locations in Stratford and Spitalfields.

🧇Waffle Highlight: “House Match” waffle cone with matcha waffle, matcha gelato, red bean sauce and mochi.

6. Taiyakiya, Covent Garden

A woman decorates a fish-shaped waffle at Japanese dessert store Taiyakiya.

Taiyakiya in Covent Garden offers some of the cutest waffles in London. In the tradition of Japanese waffle desserts, they’re shaped like fish and topped with everything from ice cream to edible jewels and mermaid tails! Needless to say, this waffle spot is constantly teeming with Instagrammers and TikTokers scrambling to feature these adorable and delicious Japanese snacks on their feeds.

🧇Waffle Highlight: Rainbow unicorn waffle with lychee rose ice cream, rainbow sprinkles and decorative unicorn horn.

7. Duck & Waffle, Liverpool Street

A table at Duck & Waffle set with three plates of waffles, chicken and eggs.

Duck & Waffle is pretty well-known these days, but their weekend brunch is a go-to for a reason. In addition to gorgeous interiors and spectacular 40th-floor views, they serve up a genuinely incredible brunch – and the namesake dishes might just be the best of all! Besides their signature duck benedict, you’ll want to try the waffles at Duck & Waffle… and though you can choose from plenty of savoury toppings like eggs and avocado, we’d suggest staying on the sweeter side for a truly singular experience.

🧇Waffle Highlight: Lemon meringue waffle with lemon curd, Italian meringue, lemon sorbet and dill.

8. Toast Rack Bake House, Wandsworth Common

A waffle topped with blueberries, raspberries and powdered sugar.

Toast Rack Bake House is an upscale yet casual eatery serving up a huge brunch selection, with some seriously show-stopping waffles on the menu. This all-day dining spot has become a foodie paradise for good reason! Their waffle menu includes both sweet and savoury treats – all served until 5pm every day.

🧇Waffle Highlight: Belgian waffles with truffle butter, hand-cut griddled bacon and fried egg, topped with maple syrup.

9. Cocotte, Shoreditch

A plate of roasted rotisserie chicken, waffles and eggs from Cocotte.

Cocotte in Shoreditch is the closest thing you’ll get to a farm-fresh breakfast in London. (If it weren’t flanked by ultra-hip Hoxton bars and nightclubs, you’d swear you could hear cows mooing in the distance.) As it is, their farm-to-table methods make for some of the freshest, most mouthwatering dishes in London – and given their specialisation as a rotisserie, they serve up some of the best chicken and waffles in town.

🧇Waffle Highlight: Croissant waffles with roasted chilli-basted chicken thighs, fried egg and special sauce.

10. Deekenek, Seven Dials

A collection of small round waffles dipped in chocolate and strawberry, topped with marshmallows, powdered sugar and nuts.

Deekenek brings a fresh take on waffles to London, striving to challenge the perception of waffles as a “low-quality” dessert! Made using only fresh produce with ingredients sourced from local farms, these Liege-style, hand-crafted waffles are known for their extra-crispy pearl sugar exteriors and dipped toppings.

🧇Waffle highlight: Speculoos waffle topped with Single origin coffee cream and Deekenek’s signature Speculoos sauce.

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