Best Wellness Restaurants in London

Some restaurants’ niche is entertainment, some the food. Some focus on wellness to ensure their patrons are nourished, both body and mind. Get into the right headspace at one of our favourite wellness-focused brunch spots.

Head Room Café

headroom cafe

Run by mental health charity, Jami, Head Room Café offers a chance to connect with your community over coffee. The location’s objective is to help” remove the stigma of mental illness and distress and encourage the wider community to talk openly about mental health”.

With communal activities such as community walks, group discussions, peer support groups, and writing sessions, you’ll be encouraged to share anything you’re struggling with, boost your mood through creativity and exercise, all boosted by the support of your neighbours. 


volonte cafe

Joint-owned by Vidushi Binani and Haylene Ryan Causer, Volonté is all about female empowerment. As the website states, “Translating as the French feminine noun for ‘willpower’, Volonté is a place built upon feminine strength with a core belief that optimum wellbeing is achieved through a life of abundance rather than restriction”.

The interiors of the restaurant reflect these sentiments, with a huge mural embodying the feminine soul of the brand embellishing the walls. 

Joint-owner Vidushi, who is also a judge for the Great Taste Awards, and great British Food Awards with a qualification from London’s world-famous Le Cordon Bleu, says: “I’m passionate about promoting inclusive wellbeing to those across London and hope our new Piccadilly site connects with a loyal new community, supporting their everyday wellbeing.”

Food includes balance bowls packed full of nutrients, post-workout protein shakes, and barista-style coffees that embody the brand’s ethos of sustainable wellbeing.

Adjoining the café, Volonté also offers an energy studio, celebrating movement, strength, and fitness. Here, you can work out using the equipment provided, calm your energy through meditation, and socialise.

Lilly’s Café

lillys cafe

If you’re looking for a café that will capture a spirituality in both ethos and surroundings, Lilly’s Café is the place for you.

Taking inspiration from gemstones, the elements, and signs of the zodiac, Lilly’s Café is decorated with mindfulness at the heart.

The café is headed by chef Kimberly Lin, a professional pastry chef from Canada, who has also worked at two Michelin starred The Square, The Savoy, and Claridge’s.

Order cakes according to your star sign, indulge in a tableside tea-leaf reading, and get a daily affirmation alongside the bill.

Lilly’s Café maintains a light-hearted playfulness alongside mood-boosting natural ingredients, for the ultimate wellness destination.




Linnaean is a hub for wellness – with hair and nail salons, face and body treatments from professional aestheticians, as well as a plant-rich organic menu in the café space.

Named from Swedish naturalist Carl Linnaeus, who helped define our understanding of who we are and how we fit in with the world around us, Linnaean is designed to be a one-stop-shop for a relaxing pamper day.

Tuck into their signature burger with a lentil patty, indulge in a miso carbonara with oyster mushroom bacon, or select one of the range of herbal teas on offer. Great pains have been taken to ensure the menu caters to a variety of diets, including vegan, vegetarian, gluten free, and dairy free. There’s also a bottomless brunch offering, if you’re looking for a group pamper sesh.

Trinco at Oru Space, East Dulwich


The Oru Space in East Dulwich is a members only space offering coworking, a wellbeing space for meditation and yoga, as well as delicious Sri Lankan influenced food all in one spot.

Trinco, the café-restaurant space inside Oru changes its face from day to night. The café offers Sri Lankan influenced mains, sandwiches, salads, and freshly baked cakes during the day, and transforms into a restaurant space after 6pm.

Oru says “We place a big emphasis on maintaining a healthy mind and body”. This is reflected in the classes available in the wellness space – ranging from Yoga to Pilates, Barre and Sound Healing, all carefully curated to energise, relax and restore – helping you feel balanced and well.

Akasha at Hotel Café Royal

akasha group

Meticulously crafted by a nutritionist, the Lounge Bar at Akasha in Hotel Café Royal is thoughtfully designed to elevate your wellness journey. A concise yet purposeful menu of nourishing dishes is complemented by herbal teas, cold-pressed juices, and invigorating drinks, ensuring support at every stage of your wellness quest.

Before the elements of earth, water, fire, and air, legends speak of Akasha—the origin of all creation. Nestled in the heart of the city, amidst the vibrant energy of various neighbourhoods, stands London’s very own wellspring—Akasha Holistic Wellbeing. Uncover an exclusive wellness haven at Hotel Café Royal, offering exceptional facilities and treatments to enhance your overall health and vitality.

Yeotown Kitchen

yeotown kitchen

Situated in London’s inaugural “Wellbeing Hotel” at Queens Gardens, Yeotown currently boasts two locations in the city, serving the acclaimed healthy and delicious dishes known from their weekly Yeotox retreats at both the Devon Health Retreat and Madeira Health Retreat.

Yeotown London presents a menu inspired by California, featuring healthy, wholesome, and vibrant dishes with a touch of British sensibility. The majority of the offerings are plant-based, but it goes beyond the realm of ‘vegan junk food.’ Instead, the focus is on providing nourishing, nutrient-dense food for holistic well-being, emphasising the optimisation of energy and health through thoughtful culinary choices. The menu is free from refined sugars, dairy, meat, and gluten, with the inclusion of a couple of sustainable fish and free-range egg options.

Every aspect of the restaurant space is meticulously designed to foster equanimity and well-being. The serene colour schemes and natural materials contribute to the overall ambiance, complementing the mindful creation of plant-based centric cuisine designed with the diners’ well-being in focus.

Pawsitive Café London

pawsitive cafe

Pawsitive Café has secured a spot in the lively Notting Hill area of London, aiming to attract dog enthusiasts to its brand-new establishment. However, this cafe isn’t just tailored for indulged canines; it also doubles as an ideal space for work and relaxation, actively encouraging patrons to bring their laptops.

The inspiration behind Pawsitive Cafe stems from the owner’s personal struggle with mental health during her business degree studies. Frustrated by the limited resources available online, she delved into researching various therapies that could enhance mental well-being. This exploration led to the realisation of Pawsitive Cafe, a haven for both humans and their furry companions.

Alicia, the owner, emphasises the reciprocal nature of mental health care between pet owners and their dogs. According to her, the cafe is a manifestation of this two-way responsibility, where both parties contribute to each other’s well-being.

Pawsitive Cafe prioritises relaxation, incorporating Feng Shui principles into its interior design. Activities like painting by numbers and dried flower pressing offer additional avenues for relaxation. Canine visitors can indulge in a dedicated doggy menu featuring treats like dog-friendly ice cream, ‘Pupcakes’ with yoghurt and potato cream frosting, and organic scrambled eggs. The café also boasts a doggy ball pit and play area with a slide for playful moments.

The human food menu at Pawsitive Café showcases a delightful fusion of English brunch dishes and traditional Malaysian cuisine. Special events, including puppy yoga and mindfulness panels, are on the agenda for the venue. For those seeking inspiration while working, the cafe is adorned with positive affirmations on mirrors, aimed at fostering a feel-good atmosphere with a focus on wellness.

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