Best Gluten Free Brunch Spots in London

Are you feeling limited by gluten intolerance when you go out for brunch? Or are you just looking for a gluten-free option to enjoy? It can be hard to find somewhere that offers a gluten-free brunch menu, and even when they do, a lot of restaurants have very limited selections for people who can’t eat gluten. That’s why we’ve put together this list of some of our most popular spots for a gluten-free brunch in London, including plenty of places that are completely gluten-free so that you can enjoy your brunch without any worry about what you can safely eat.

1. Station 26

Station 26 is a vibrant and modern cafe in the heart of Brixton Village Market. Station 26 offers a wide menu that is completely gluten-free. Their brunch dishes include classics like eggs benedict and full English breakfasts, but there is plenty more to choose from as well. If you fancy something different, try their Asian crab cakes or their duck confit salad. They also offer a good range of vegetarian and vegan dishes.

2. Plant Club

Plant Club is a completely plant-based and gluten-free restaurant that aims to bring ethical and organic Italian cuisine to the heart of London. The decor is bright and inviting with charming wooden chairs and plenty of windows so you can watch the world go by. The menu is designed to be super healthy while still offering a great range of pizzas, pasta and antipasti. They even have a great range of Italian desserts for after.

3. Niche Sangler’s Wells

Niche has over a decade of experience with gluten-free food. Now, they offer a menu that’s 100% free from gluten, nuts and sesame, and they focus on using local suppliers and seasonal ingredients for their dishes. They offer all the dishes you might struggle to find without gluten, including fried chicken, soup with sourdough bread, pies, and more. This slick and modern restaurant also has a great atmosphere, whether you’re out on a brunch date or meeting up with friends.

4. The Good Life Eatery

The Good Life Eatery aims to help everyone eat better, be healthier, and enjoy food more with their range of hearty and health-conscious menu. You can settle into the warm and cosy environment of the cafe and browse from a wide range of gluten-free brunch options. Dishes include plenty of superfood salads, wraps, soups and more. You can even get fresh cold-pressed juice made on-site to wash down your delicious meal.

5. Indigo at One Aldwych Restaurant

Want a fine dining experience for brunch? Try Indigo. This stylish Covent Garden restaurant aims to capture the soul of the neighbourhood while offering delicious plates. On the weekends they offer a delectable roast dinner as well as other mains. Or, if you prefer an earlier brunch, you can try their breakfast menu, which covers all the classics. Their gluten-free breakfast option includes a breakfast muffin followed by waffles or a full English, giving you plenty to tuck into.

6. Leafwild Café

Leafwild Café is all about healthy nourishing food. This cute and charming cafe has a calm atmosphere and simple decor. Go up to the counter to look over their range of fantastic gluten-free cakes; you’ll find everything from banana bread to brownies, as well as maca balls for a morning pick-me-up. You can also ask for gluten-free versions of classic brunch dishes such as eggs Benedict, and they offer delicious waffles without gluten. They also have organic coffee and cold-pressed juice to help you start your day.

7. Utter Waffle

Love waffles but worry about gluten? Utter Waffle has you covered, with an entirely gluten-free menu. You’ll be able to pick from a wide range of sweet and savoury waffles depending on your mood, including cheese-stuffed waffles that are sure to be delicious. Whether you’re going for eggs, chicken parm, or cheesecake mousse, you’ll find something to enjoy. They even do a special weekend brunch waffle with beans, avocado, feta, and more. Plus, every dish can be made vegetarian.

8. Arepa & Co. Bethnal Green

Arepa & Co is a Venezuelan restaurant offering exciting dishes right here in London. Settle into the vibrant South American style of the restaurant and enjoy a hearty brunch while overlooking Regent’s Canal. They offer Arepas with their brunch options, a flat cornbread that ends up crusty outside and soft inside, and which are gluten-free. Enjoy this alongside a range of brunch dishes including creamy black beans, sweet potato, eggs, and more. If you’re still hungry afterwards, be sure to try the tequenos, a fried chocolate pastry that’s sure to hit the spot.

9. Libby’s Notting Hill

Libby’s is a modern bakery for modern needs. All their delicious fresh-basked goods are free from gluten and sugar, using chickpea and almost flour to give you extra protein to start your day. You’ll be able to enjoy fresh bread, pastries, cakes, and more on the weekends for your brunch. And, while you’re enjoying their delicious gluten-free bakes, be sure to try their fresh coffee. With their delicious food and small seating areas, it can be hard to get a table at Libby’s, so you might want to get there early.

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