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“Since its launch in 2015, the objective of the company has been to blend gourmet with artisanal elements, replacing the conventional with the exotic. Offering a range of limited edition burgers, all complemented by their renowned pepper jelly, the menu promises a unique culinary experience. Committed to sustainability and cultural respect, the brand has also introduced an all Halal menu while maintaining its authenticity.

Founded by Selma Araujo, the enterprise started with a modest menu of just seven items, all featuring Old No 7, in a small bistro in Curitiba. Due to its rapid success, the menu expanded within 10 months, incorporating desserts. With the introduction of the first food truck in 2016, the menu expanded further, focusing on burgers infused with whiskey. The high demand necessitated the investment in another food truck and subsequent menu readaptation.

By 2017, the brand dominated the food courts of major international shows in Curitiba, prompting further business expansion. “”Jack Burgers”” emerged as the first establishment to feature an entire menu with Jack Daniels in its recipes, garnering a dedicated following. Subsequent years saw continual changes and improvements, including franchise studies, courses, and lectures.

In 2019, the brand underwent a redesign, preparing for international expansion. By 2020, the project had been validated for launch in the United Kingdom, with a menu tailored for various occasions. The European market was thoroughly studied and validated by 2022, introducing burgers made with artisanal ingredients and a distinctive black and white menu.

In 2023, Shakir joined the team, introducing Shak Burgers with a completely Halal menu, enhancing flavor and quality. By 2024, signature pub menus were established, with a new location in Shoreditch featuring a kitchen inside Spread Eagle Pub. Additionally, catering services by JB were introduced, further solidifying the brand’s presence and offerings.”


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