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“In response to the clamor from West Londoners, Poppies Fish and Chips unveils its latest culinary venture on the illustrious Portobello Road. Ensuring locals indulge in the finest flavors, the new restaurant boasts the signature cozy and nostalgic ambiance that Poppies is renowned for, paying homage to the site’s previous occupants.

Nestled amidst the vibrant hustle and bustle of Portobello Road, the newly opened Poppies Fish and Chips promises to be a beacon of culinary excellence in West London. With a dedication to preserving the cherished traditions of British fare, the restaurant invites patrons to savor the quintessential taste of authentic fish and chips.

Stepping through the doors of Poppies Fish and Chips, diners are transported to a bygone era, where every bite is a nostalgic journey through time. The warm and welcoming atmosphere evokes memories of simpler times, reminiscent of the cherished neighborhood fish and chip shops of yesteryears.

As patrons indulge in the crispiness of perfectly battered fish and the irresistible allure of golden fries, they can bask in the comforting familiarity of Poppies’ renowned ambiance. With its prime location on Portobello Road, this new culinary gem ensures that West Londoners no longer have to go without the delight of exceptional fish and chips.”


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