About UNI

Taking its name from the Japanese word for the sea urchin (a Japanese delicacy), UNI brings the vibrant colours, flavours and textures of Peruvian and Japanese cuisine to Belgravia.

Set within a chic and stylish interior, UNI’s menu showcases Japanese classics such as impeccable Wagyu beef, black cod, sushi, sashimi, maki and tempura, as well as Peruvian-influenced plates such as ceviche, tiraditos and anticucho.

Their extensive sake menu complements the Nikkei cuisine to perfection. Or for a taste of South America, enjoy Peruvian cocktails like a Pisco Sour, Chilli Mojito or Aguas Calientes to enhance the aromas and flavours of every single dish on offer.

Brunch at UNI

From a selection of grilled meats and fish such as succulent Wagyu beef and juicy black cod, the highest quality sushi and sashimi, and a wide selection of tempura and maki, UNI’s exquisite brunch menu won’t disappoint.

The Peruvian influence is distinctive, with an expansive selection of tiradito – a Peruvian dish of raw fish, carved like sashimi. As well as tiradito, try the sweet shrimp, sea urchin ceviche and Wagyu beef tataki to enjoy the full Nikkei dining experience. Or sample the chef’s personal favourite fusion dish: the Miso Black Cod with Peruvian anticucho sauce.

Whether you’re visiting for brunch, lunch or dinner, a reservation at UNI is a must for Japanese and Peruvian cuisine lovers in London.



Get directions | 18a Ebury Street London, SW1W 0LU


Hours | Dinner Tue-Sat 17:30-22:00





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