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“Ziggy Green is a vibrant restaurant that pays tribute to the inspirations and enduring legacy of David Bowie. This unique dining venue comes to life with striking artworks, an elevated dinner menu, and expertly crafted cocktails. Located in a charming corner site, Ziggy Green offers an intimate space where food is at the forefront, but guests are also treated to an immersive art experience that harks back to Soho’s bohemian past. The downstairs bar and art installation is a recreation of the iconic Colony Room Club, adding an extra layer of cultural significance.

Dinner at Ziggy Green is a culinary delight, with dishes prepared by Australian chef Chris Lyon, whose impressive resume includes Estelle Maison, Lisboeta, and Scully. The menu features dishes cooked over fire, such as chargrilled Australian banana prawns with fermented mango hot sauce, and a weekend lobster special. A signature item is the decadent sharing Shepherd’s pie, a nod to one of Bowie’s favorite dishes. To finish, the deconstructed Tim Tam chocolate dessert is a sweet homage to an Aussie classic.

For Bowie enthusiasts, the art deco bar offers the perfect setting to enjoy a selection of eleven Bowie-inspired cocktails. Favorites like Major Tom and When Ziggy Played Guitar are sure to impress, while the beautifully curated “”Cocktails at Ziggy”” book provides insight into Bowie’s extraordinary life journey and the cultural icons who influenced him.

Throughout the cosy restaurant, contemporary art pays homage to David Bowie’s inspirations and ongoing legacy. Artists like David Gwinnutt, Rick Guest, Terry O’Neill, and Charles Moriarty contribute to the vibrant atmosphere, while the impressive light sculpture at the entrance, commissioned from Chris Levine, creates a dazzling ‘Ziggy’ moment upon arrival.

Ziggy Green invites guests to book a table and experience an evening where the spirit of David Bowie is artfully woven into every aspect of the dining experience, from the food and drinks to the immersive artwork and captivating ambiance.”


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